Cutting Grower ( Stekbedrijf ) Van der Loo bv has more than 25 years of experience in the production of rooted cuttings for hardy nursery stock-growers. They supply a wide circle of customers at home and abroad. Annually we produce about 15 million rooted cuttings.
The company comprises 1.5 acres of greenhouses, a large work space with a cold store and 2.5 acres of field-grown stockplants. To protect these cuttings through the winter, we operate a large cold store, which can hold about 6 million cuttings.  

The founders of the company
are Gerard and Ellen van der Loo.

Ellen is responsible for the administration
and Gerard supervises the production
and the sales department. .


Below we give a brief overview of the production process.

The material for the cuttings is taken from our own mother plants and is placed in the cold store to cool down and ...
...then the cuttings are made.
The trays are filled by a tray-filler and ...
...are put on an assembly line, where
the cuttings are inserted in trays.
For internal transport we have
developed our own trollies which
can hold 24.000 cuttings at once.
The trays are put out in the misthouse.
Climate control in the misthouse
as well as in the weaninghouse, where
the plants are hardened off, is completely automated.

The computer keeps a close watch on weather conditions and immediately adapts its settings to
any change in the weather.

The relative humidity and the temperature are very important. They are controlled by the mist system and by operating the vents.
When the cuttings are sufficiently rooted, they are transported to the weaninghouse.
The cuttings are despatched to order
from the weaninghouse.

Decideous shrubs are overwintered on cold storage
at -1.5C. These will be supplied from coldstore before
they start into growth. A big advantage of doing this is that
these cuttings are less sensative to nightfrost, drying winds and
strong sunshine. This is particularly important for
customers living in a continental climate. Cuttings which come
dorment from coldstore grow on very strong when potted.
Delivery is on Danish trollies.