Cutting Grower ( Stekbedrijf )Gerard van der Loo bv considers QUALITY of paramount importance. We have our own 6.25-acre of stockplants. They are grown through a woven mulch material, so that the field is kept weed free,
which is essential.



Having our own stockplants also enables us to take all cuttings at the right time so that the success rates are high.

Moreover having control of our own stock plants allows us to guarantee our cuttings are true to name..

During the whole process
the cuttings are given a range of fertilizers to make sure the customer receives the cuttings in good condition and with a well-branched root system.
To make sure they are well branched,the cuttings are pruned several times by a special machine we have developed our selves. This same machine also removes leaves of the deciduous shrubs in winter so that they are clean when they are delivered in spring.

Gerard operating
their pruning machine.